Monday, January 10, 2011


Orang Asli Healthy Water

Purpose (aim/objectives)
Find the solution and represent the idea How we can provide health care in orang asli with healthy water

The main objectives of the research are to:

To show we love orang asli and we want to represent the idea to accustom them with our concern
To get Familiar with orang asli health care.

The target audience are parents older than 20 years.

Research methods

Visiting Orang Asli villages live.
Internet research
Interview with Mr.Antares

Find some related book from library
share some idea in the class

Expected impact of research project
To provide the health care in orang asli.
To show our concern and reminds those memory over there.
To know better orang asli.

To save some times for. research

Research plan

week 1-3: Dynamic Interactive Content Overview Course Briefing
week3-5: Human-Computer Communication Channels
week5:Instructional Content Structure
week6-8: Visual Language in Screen Design
week8-10:Dynamic Interactive Development Setup
week10:Idea Development and Execution
week11:{ Design,prototyping and
construction. } (progress)
week12:{ Usability testing and field studies.} (Presentation skill)
week13-15:Consultation & Progress Checking

Question for the Orang Asli's
How we can install water filter over there
How we can learn somthing from orang asli?
How orang asli communicate with the world ?
How they children find the idea to change the traditional way
What we can learn from the nature?
How we can change the nature with our way

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