Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The New Proposal

Orang Asli life style

Purpose (aim/objectives)
Study and share about Orang Asli life style

The main objectives of the research are to:

To learn about, how people lives in orang asli specially kids.

To learn about education in Orang Asli.

To learn about orang asli nature.
To get Familiar with orang asli health .

The target audience are kids around 8-12 years old.

Research methods

Visiting Orang Asli villages live.
Internet research
Interview with Mr.Antares

Find some related book from library
Expected impact of research project
To know better orang asli
To save some times for research
To get good mark for this subject
Research plan
Week 3-5 Submitting my proposal and the concept of my application
Week 5-7 Planning of my project and gathering research data.
Week 7-8 Conducting basic research on Orang Asli
22-25 of July 2010 Field trip to Belum Rainforest and gathering on site research
Week 8-13 Starting to create the application
Week 14 Project Submission
Question for the Orang Asli's
How we can help orang asli?
How we can learn somthing from orang asli?
How orang asli communicate with the world ?
How they children growing in orang asli?

What we can learn from the nature?

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